No longer producing e-liquid Posted on 19 Apr 21:05

Due to regulations we no longer offer our eliquid products. Soon we will be offering our flavor bases for sale for those who want to DIY. We will only be offering concentrated flavoring mixes, which must be diluted before use. Thank you again to all of our customers over the years!

Company name change Posted on 11 May 23:16

Due to the company's name being too phonetically close to another company in the business, Bleux Vapor is no longer the name of my company. B-X Vapor is now the new name for the business. It saddens me greatly that Bleux doesn't have her name in the company anymore, but it is something that had to be done. We are the same company as before, bringing you the same awesome juice, just with a different name. 

expect delays! Posted on 10 Apr 00:50

So the past couple days there have been a massive amount of orders coming in. I am still a one man operation and can only put out so many orders a day, so as of right now if you place an order expect a few days before your order is fulfilled. i am pumping them out as fast as I can, but they are still stacking up just as fast as I am getting them out. Sorry for the inconvenience for those of you used to my fast fulfillment here at Bleux Vapor. Thanks for all the support and keeping me super busy :D

All supplies in stock! Posted on 3 Mar 19:37

Labels are finally in, so no more delay on the under 30ml bottles!

Orders with bottles under 30ml may possibly not ship til monday Posted on 27 Feb 15:20

Small labels ran out today and I have a new shipment that was supposed to arrive in the mail today, but tracking for them now says monday (3/2/15) expected. If they do not arrive in the mail today all orders placed that are 10ml or 15ml bottles will not ship out until the labels arrive monday. All orders will still be mixed and ready for quick dispatch once the labels arrive in the mail on monday. I am extremely sorry for this inconvenience.