About Us

My company, now named B-X Vapor, was originally named after my dog Bleux, but her name is too similar sounding to another company to continue doing business with her name in the title. She is my baby and means the world to me, as you can see she is even in the logo. 

My name is Tyler and this all started back in early 2014 as I decided to get into making my own e-liquids, due to the extremely high pricing of most of the "premium" brands of e-liquid on the market. I have always had a pretty good palate and can differentiate between flavors and changes that other companies should make to their juice to make them better and even more appealing in taste. Even some of my favorite brands and recipes still needed a bit of tweaking in my opinion. So I started off trying to clone a bunch of my favorite vendor's juices just by going on taste, color and smell alone. Sure, I tried looking up most of the recipes I was trying to clone, but the only one I found anyone had even tried yet was honey pearry by The Vapor Chef (awesome company and great juice by the way). As my flavor selection started growing and my knowledge of each flavoring by each company started to expand, I actually started making my own blends and recipes just by how I though the different flavor profiles would pair with each other.  My horchata-tas flavor is actually what really started having people urge me to start up my own business and sell my liquid. The best part, was it wasn't even a clone attempt of anything, it was actually just a random assortment of flavorings I thought would taste great together. 

The more that people tried my juice, the harder they kept pushing me to actually start up my own business and start selling the stuff, so after perfecting my recipes more and more, I decided I should just go ahead and go for it since it is a wonderful hobby and something I really enjoy doing. Also, others quite enjoy my creations as well! I have been working my way up from the very bottom and am now at the point of where I feel comfortable officially selling my creations! Some of my recipes are clone attempts I had that I tweaked to make much better than the originals, while others are unique recipes of my very own. 

 Unfortunately we no longer offer a mixed/finalized product. We will soon offer our concentrated flavoring bases for those who wish to DIY with the B-X lineup! Do not ask for VG, nicotine, or PG as we will not be offering it or stocking it. Our flavorings will be for the concentrated flavoring mixes only.


All artwork is provided by YourToyRobot Media. Amazing artist to work with and it has been fantastic seeing my visions brought to life into the images you see now.